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More lemon pizza

lemon pizza

The pizza with lemons and parsley and capers — before baking

Zak reported that he and Tara created another great version of the lemon pizza I wrote about earlier (the one with the smoked mozarella).

This “slim pickings” rendition, born of having few ingredients to put on the pizza dough, uses a base of pesto (or oil and garlic), one whole Meyer lemon sliced paper thin, a handful of parsley minced, 3 tablespoons capers sprinkled on top, and then feta and mozzarella cheese, he says.

As Zak says, “It was very good. . . .”

I tried it out and can testify: this is a great combination. It’s kind of like a deconstructed gremolata. It will make your mouth water with the tart lemon and the salty capers. Yum.

Lemon-parsley-caper pizza


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