Preserving lemons, part 2

Well, it seemed extravagant to actually dehydrate lemons, as I usually just have enough lemons for all the fresh uses I have for them. But since I’d been given bags and boxes of lemons in California, I decided I could spare a few for this experiment.


I put the thinly cut slices on my food dehydrator and set it at 135 degrees.


Between six and eight hours later, they were dry.


They’re handy for travel when lemons aren’t always available, especially added to a beverage — water or hot tea. Or you could string them up for decorations……They really are quite lovely.



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2 responses to “Preserving lemons, part 2

  1. Hi Toby! I just bought your Lemon book last week and I love it! I’m a lemon lover/fanatic, no really, I’m freakishly in love with all things lemony (citrus in general but lemons top my list). Unfortunately I live in Montana so no backyard lemon orchard for me (although I’m attempting to grow a Meyer Lemon tree in my house). I post quite a few lemon recipes myself, you’ll have to check them out sometime. Anywho, I’ll be lurking about on your site getting some lemon-spiration.

    • lemonodyssey

      Good to meet you, Rhonda! Montana is a favorite place of mine despite its climate… do let me know how the Meyer lemon tree is doing (my first attempt with one was unsuccessful; it dropped all its leaves and died…but I am ready to try it again!). Thanks for the compliments on the book,

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