Preserving lemon


Diana Henry’s recipe for pickled lemons calls for thinly sliced lemons, with coarse salt and paprika sprinkled between each layer. Wait three weeks before eating.

Winter is a great time to be preserving lemons and I’ve seen some nice blogs lately with good ideas on how to do that. I’ve mentioned lemon sugar but Emmy takes the concept further with her tribute to citrus sugar here.

And the Food in Jars blog has a wonderful post called “Eight Ways to Preserve Meyer Lemons.” Even if you don’t have Meyers around, most of these recipes would adapt well to what we might call regular lemons … or real lemons (not the kind in the plastic container!) as Meyers are actually a hybrid citrus. Just remember that a regular lemon will be more sour than a Meyer — if you want to replicate the sweetness of Meyer lemon juice, for example, you could use equal proportions of fresh lemon and orange juice.  I haven’t tried dehydrating lemons yet — that’s my next project!


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