All about lemons at Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, this Sunday

Please join me (and bring your friends!) at Elliott Bay Books, 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle, on Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 p.m. for an illustrated talk about the fascinating history of the lemon.

Lemon: A Global History tells the story of the remarkable adventure of the lemon, starting with its fragrant and mysterious ancestor, the citron, adored by the Greeks and Romans for its fine perfume and sacred to many of the world’s great religions. The lemon traveled with Arabs along ancient trade routes, came of age in Sicily and Italy, and sailed to the New World with Columbus.

It was an exotic luxury in seventeenth-century Europe and later went on to save the lives of thousands of sailors in the British Royal Navy after being recognizedas a cure for scurvy. The last century saw the lemon rise to commercial success, along with Sunkist and a California citrus empire, and the discovery of the Meyer lemon by the eccentric plant explorer Frank Meyer.

You’ll learn about these highlights and more, all richly illustrated, in Toby’s presentation, with plenty of  time for questions and signing afterwards.

Read a Q & A with Toby about the book here or see Toby’s lemon blog.

Bellingham friends: I will be signing books at Pacific Chef in Fairhaven on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 11 to 3!


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