Happy Lemon

The Happy brand was the top quality label of the C.D. Hubbard Fruit Company.  Along with “Smile” and “Joy,” the “Happy” label was designed to convey the positive feeling one would have from eating C.D. Hubbard’s fruit products.

When I was searching for images of lemon crate labels to use as illustrations in my book, I came across this terrific site, The Citrus Label Gallery.  Jim Campos, who is active in the Citrus Label Society and editor of the society’s newsletter, The Citrus Peal, generously sent me some labels and helped me find high-quality scans of others to use in my book, in return for writing a couple of articles for The Citrus Peal.

Jim and his wife Valerie have been passionate collectors of citrus labels since they were married in 1974. They live in Carpinteria (where this label is from), just south of Santa Barbara, the town that Steve and I have adopted as our favorite beach town and winter retreat — and a couple years ago we met Jim and got to see their fabulous citrus label collection. (By the way, the Happy label shown here is worth about $475, so Jim sent me a scan of it, not the real thing!)

As for happy news, I got the first review of Lemon today, which was recommended as a staff pick in the most recent edition of ForeWord This Week (ForeWord is a publication that reviews small-press books). By the way, I am not a chef, just a home cook! Here it is:

If life hands you lemons, squeeze ’em on fish, salads, and vegetables; zest ’em in baked goods; or, make an irresistible meringue pie. Is any other fruit so versatile in the kitchen? Plainly, no! The latest installment in the splendid Edible series exploring the history of cuisine, Lemon: A Global History will make you pucker with pleasure.

Lemon: A Global History by Toby Sonneman
978-1-78023-034-4 / History / Reaktion Books / Hardcover / $18.00 / 141pp

Long before a lack of Vitamin C was understood as the cause of scurvy, lemons were known to Europeans as the “miracle cure” to the disease. Lemons have various other significant uses: known as “the perfume of love” to the Romans, added as a flavoring to food, and used as the scent of countless cleaning supplies. This unique book traces the history of lemons from their genetic roots in the citron fruit to present day agriculture. Sonneman draws on her experience as a fruit picker and chef to chronicle the lemon’s lively history, providing a few recipes as well.



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2 responses to “Happy Lemon

  1. Hey, Toby! Great review! Isn’t it nice to be recognized and rewarded for your book. Congratulations. K

  2. Shirley Kirkpatrick

    This happy character is waaaay too fat, by current standards. After all, the ultimate diet drink is water with a slice of lemon. See Sunkist.com.

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